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11 March 2012 @ 08:57 pm
I'm in need of a place to rant.

I'm, I guess you could say, pretty active on the social book networking site, January 1, 2012, I made it my goal to read 100 books by the end of the year (or the end of the world, whichever one comes first.). Thanks to this site, I'm more than capable of keeping track of not only the books I read, but what month I started them, completed them, the amount of pages I've read througout the year...I love it, honestly.

I should probably state that when it comes to books, I don't hold myself above others. People are going to have different opinions, but I sort of feel like she missed a lot of the point on one book review.

Here's the things she didn't like about the book.

--The girl is much too trusting and had to be rescued over and over, to the point that you want to scream at her. She also isn't all that compelling of a protagonist, and is also occasionally very rude and rather ungrateful.
while i'd love to agree with her on this point, but I can't. Sure, it's great to read about a girl in literature that can kick ass and be, above all things super awesome chick. The thing is, if you look at how she was raised/where she was raised/the things she wasn't surrounded by growing up, its understandable that she'd make stupid decisions and choices that may end in the way of her having to get rescued. I kind of feel like she had to trust Perry because she really had nobody else.

--The names. Aria (GUESS WHAT SHE DOES), Paisley, Lumina, Aria, Echo, Peregrine (view spoiler)
--Interchangeable secondary characters
what she had to say in the 'view spoiler' option was a complaint about the 'bird names' - lumina, peregrine... - Some of the characters I can't give an excuse for, but Peregrine (Perry)I can. He's got some big ass Falcon tattoo on his back!!!! I'm sure there's a much bigger reason for it that we're unaware of, since it's a series.

--Weird things that are mentioned in passing but never really explained. Soren's underwater birthday party, no stains, not getting hurt in the Realms' virtual reality type situation, blood lords, the Tides' superhuman senses, etc.
i was never honestly interested in the 'realms'. For me, any continuous involvement with it was more of a tedious 'oh my god, can we get on with the story' moment for me. I preferred the outside world to the inside. I don't think it was important. The important part was Aria's dependency on it.

--Rather uninspired "she did this, he did that" type of writing. Everything is explained as an afterthought and random snippets suddenly dropped, there’s no gradual lead in for it in the narrative.
i think my biggest mistakes as a writer is giving up all the details the moment something happens. One of my favorite parts about this books was the fact that everything wasn't explained immediately. There was enough story that it wasn't necessary.

--Some writing choices that didn't quite work as well as the examples in the "like" section, such as "“sweaty seaweed" or “his nephew’s temper had grown dark and damp.” Those just don't make sense to me. There were also some awkward sentences, such as "Perry woke sweated to his clothes."
the book itself had it's awkward moments, but it seems normal, considering the characters weren't meant to be comfortable with each other, especially on Aria's part.

Yeah, just my opinions, but...
09 March 2012 @ 12:57 am
i feel like such a puck slut, using jeff carter as an icon.
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  • Вс, 05:39: To my sweet Pogue, I'm going to give it to you straight. If I had known that today would have been my last day with …
21 January 2012 @ 11:39 pm
To my sweet Pogue,

I'm going to give it to you straight. If I had known that today would have been my last day with you, I would have called in.
The idea of going to sleep is a scary thing, because for the past five years, you've curled up with me, keeping me warm when I forgot to replace the batteries in my AC/Heater remote, and kept me company when I thought the dark might close in around me. The idea of waking up is even scarier. I can't imagine opening my eyes tomorrow morning and not going through the motions... Making sure the toilet seat is down, you've got enough food to last you while I'm at work, and filling your bowl with water as much as I could because I know you drink a lot of it during the day.
I wonder...will I wake up tomorrow and look for you? Will I wake up tomorrow and think tonight was all some horrible nightmare.
Most people don't understand. You weren't just a dog. You were my friend. My companion. You listened to me despite the fact that you probably had no idea what I was saying. You kept me company when I was feeling lonely. You were the best kind of friend a girl could have.
If I had known that I would be standing over a hole in the ground, watching my dad cover you with dirt tonight, I would have stayed home. Just so I could have a few more hours, at least.
I know I wasn't the best owner. I could have done a million things different, and I'll always wonder if there was anything I could have done.
You're better now, though. No more pain, no more suffering. Peace.

I love you my sweet boy.
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